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MobZeo Features

The MobZeo mobile website design solution makes it easy to deliver a great experience to your mobile phone visitors, not only on Smartphones but on any mobile device to help convert mobile traffic into prospects, leads, and paying customers.  The MobZeo comes with everything you need included.  Below are lists of all available features.

MobZeo Package Features & Options 
<<< All MobZeo Mobile Websites Include >>> 
Full Website: Lets your mobile visitors go to your Desktop website if they wish.
Products / Services Page: Products or Services page created using content from your existing desktop website.
About Us Page: About Us Page created using content from your existing website.
Share Content: Each page of your mobile site allow customers to easily share its content via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS with one touch.
Web-App Bookmark Icon: A Bookmark icon enables customers to easily return to your mobile site from their device's home screen. iPhone and iPad users will be encourage to add your site to their home page automatically.
Tell A Friend: A button that allows visitors to send a message with a link to your site to friends.
Touch-to-Call: Customers can contact the business from anywhere within the site with one touch.
Contact Us Form Page: Contact Us Form Page with up to 6 custom fields that emails form details upon submission.
Site Redirection Code: We will provide (and install if needed) redirect code necessary to automatically detect and redirect your mobile visitors from your Desktop site to your Mobile site.
Keyword Optimized: Unique keywords added to each page of your mobile site to increase search engine discoverability.
Google Analytics: We will integration your existing Google Analytics into your mobile site.
Business Sector Assignment: We will identify and set your business sector within the app to help search engines find and correctly index your mobile website.

<<< PLUS Any Six (6) of the Following Features >>>
Image Gallery Page: Display up to 8 images in an image gallery. Images optimized for each device.
Location Based Directions: Customers can find your business with one touch connection to Google maps and directions including time and distance.
Check-In Services: Allow customers to connect with your business through popular location based social sites including Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook Places.
Opening Hours: Dynamic opening hours functionality telling customers when the business is open.
Call Me Back: Never miss a call. Your customers leave a number and you call them back.
Leave A Message: Let customers leave a message for you via the email address you provide.
Keep Me Informed: Maximize contact with customers. Get opt-ins for email and text messages.
Event Calendar: Display your Google Events Calendar on your mobile site via your Google Calendar feed. Your mobile site will automatically update.
News Feed: Engage your customers by sharing news (via RSS or other feed type).
Coupons: Convert leads to sales with special offers & discounts for mobile customers.
Reservations: Allow customers to make reservations directly from the mobile site.
Site Translation: Allow customers to translate the site content into 30+ languages.
Booking Request: Visitors can request a booking time and date from your mobile site.
Custom Links: Add links to other web pages, email or SMS number that will complement your business e.g. taxi services if you run a restaurant.
Legal Notices: Add Copyright Information, Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions details as applicable.
Blog: Engage your customers by providing instant access to your existing blog.
Reviews/Testimonials: Let customers read business reviews/testimonials that have been added to Yelp and Foursquare.
Facebook: Drive chat about your business by giving visitors access to your Facebook page.
Google+: Drive chat about your business by giving visitors access to your Google+ page via your Google+ page URL or Google+ Id.
Twitter: Customers can follow you on Twitter with one click from your mobile website.
YouTube Videos: Showcase your business with a YouTube video. Includes a link to 1 YouTube video or playlist/channel.
Mobile Advertising: Display ads using your existing advertising accounts from Google AdSense directly on your mobile website.
(You can easily add even more features to your mobile website for a small fee)

Additional Add-On Features

Mobile Commerce: Create a shopping cart of products enabling customers to purchase directly from their phone.
Custom Forms: Forms with customizable data fields that email form details upon submission.
Additional YouTube Videos: Add additional YouTube videos or YouTube playlist/channels.
Additional Custom Links: Add additional custom links to other web pages, email or SMS number that will complement your business e.g. taxi services if you run a restaurant.
Additional Images: Add additional images to your image gallery beyond the 8 included with MobZeo package.
Additional Pages: Add additional mobile friendly pages to your mobile site and highlight additional content.